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    The virgin olive oil from the northwest region of Tunisia are obtained by simply pressing fruit without treatment, without additives,it differ in oleic acid and their organoleptic qualities . Our olive oil originating from the region of " Bulla Regia " has a level of acidity that matches the 0.2% and a soft and unique taste that provide a pleasant dining experience.

  • Our Philosophy

    Dhaouadi Bio Oil is born, there are more than 5 years, a professional team work, with the intention to occupy a privileged place in the olive sector. That is why, from our inception, we set ourselves at the outset the highest standards and the highest quality level : both in the selection of the raw material and the most appropriate developed technological equipment for a perfect storage and packaging of our products.

  • Since Antiquity

    Since antiquity, the Olive is consumed as fruit, the olive is a fruit of the winter. Virgin olive oils are obtained by simply pressing fruit without treatment, without additives. They differ by their oleic acid content and their organoleptic qualities.

  • The olive tree belongs to the Mediterranean landscape

    Like the Wheat and Vine, the history of the olive tree is confused with that of the Mediterranean. The great Mediterranean civilizations: Phoenician, Cretan, Greek, Egyptian, Roman, Arabic, Spanish, ... have maintained close ties with the tree that inspired many legends.

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The variety of "Chetoui" in north of Tunisia (Jendouba, Siliana, Zaghouan, Bizerte), is the second main variety of olive oil, it dominates the olive groves of northern Tunisia. In the governorate of Nabeul, there is another variety whose olives are larger than those of Chétoui called Chaaïbi (from chaab = people). Molecular characterization that could discriminate between these two varieties and confirm if it is synonym or homonym is underway. Chétoui Olive is of medium size with an average weight of 2.8 g and a P / N ratio which averaged value of 7 to maturity.

The oil of this variety has a percentage of saturated fatty acids much lower than that of the oil from the Chemlali in Sfax, which makes it less soapy. The I / O is from 6.8 to maturity and represents an average of oleic acid 70% of total fatty acids. Moreover, the oil of this variety keeps the same time stability during the period of maturation of the olives. At the sensory level, olives of Chétoui give a fruity oil with intense aromas of green almond accompanied by a bitter and pungent taste perceived with medium to high intensity. The intensity of the bitterness down during the maturation of the olives, but is still noticeable.

"The whisper of an olive orchard is something very intimate, immensely old, This is too good for that I dare paint or conceive it "

Vincent Van Gogh
Dutch painter 1853 - 1890

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I received my two bottles this morning. I am impressed by the quality of the packaging, the care, the details…Bravo! Rest assured I will order again…and the taste… strong… powerful… exactly what I was looking for…
john white, foods and goods
My niece was so excited when we gave her the oil at Christmas. She absolutely loved receiving it. As a matter of fact, I used mine on our special dishes for Christmas Eve. It added so much to the flavour!
Pierre ALBARI private taster
I received the olive oils today and have to say I'm quite impressed with everything. The bottles and the packaging.
Serge de Dijon, Merchant
"It's a wonderful website! Bravo! The section on "tips"...is a great idea...and be sure that I will be passing on the Perla doliva olive oil name to others..."
Cristophe/Marseille Best Markets


The preservation of olive oil:

An oil leaving the mill is evolving quite quickly. During the first two months she gets better, his secondary flavors assert themselves. A "green" oil, the olives were crushed immediately after harvesting (without storage 2 or 3 days) will change a lot in six months. It will ripen. In general, an oil keeps for a maximum of two years. The ideal conditions of conservations are to place your bottle in a cool place (between + 15 ° C and + 18 ° C) and protected from light. Avoid temperature fluctuations that adversely affect its taste. If you store less than 8 ° C, it will freeze and have a cloudy appearance. Under average conditions of storage, its color becomes paler after a year and it begins to lose its flavor.

Olive oil hot:

Olive oil; behaves perfectly for cooking : the smoke point is 210 ° C , such as eanuts oil , while the sunflower oil was 170 ° C and that of butter 132 ° C is an excellent cooking oil Suitable for both sautéed minutes to casseroles and fries. Beware though, it is not recommended to reach the smoke point which changes the chemical composition of the oil, releasing odorless but harmful damage. These changes apply to all fats. In addition, at this temperature there is a risk of inflammation. During the service, when frying is not used, it is recommended to reduce the temperature of the oil bath at 165 ° C the oil should be changed as often as necessary and stored away in air an airtight container. In shallow frying or browned, avoid reaching the flue gas temperature so as not to distort the oil and thus retain its original flavor.. .

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